(Opening Day April 27th)

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Since 1974, artisans food vendors hailing from all corners of Latin America have gathered at the Red Hook Ball Fields to purvey some of the most authentic, traditional, and delicious street foods to be found in New York City. The 'Red Hook Food Vendors' or 'Ballfield vendors' --as they are popularly known by fans and the public-- likely got their unofficial name due in part to their location in one of Brooklyn's most distinctive neighborhoods, and in part to the soccer games played there on weekends. While it may be up to individual taste which is the best way to refer to the vendors, one thing for sure is that they have become a staple of the NYC street food scene and widely publicized on local, national, and international media for the unique experience that brings together the best of honest-to-goodness foods from Latin America set against such unlikely backdrop in the NYC urban landscape.

Red Hook Food Vendors
Red Hook Recreational Area (Ballfield #1)

Corner of Bay and Clinton St. Brooklyn, NY
Subway: F & G to Smith-9 Streets
Opening Day April 27th

Weekends from 9AM - 9PM

Meet the Vendors

Red Hook Recreation center

155 Bay Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Center Manager: Jackie Spann
Deputy Center Manager: Dawn Cook
Phone: (718) 722-3211 (718) 722-7105
Fax: (718) 722-7341
Cross Streets: Henry and Clinton streets




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